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Mexico eContabilidad SAT updates focus on Corporations in 2015

The Mexico SAT has doubled down on their eAccounting requirements with a focus on corporations. While the go-live date has transitioned from January 25 to March 3rd, this doesn't mean you should delay your implementation. Watch this 20-minute overview to understand the key changes and how they will affect your company going forward.

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Three e-Accounting (eContabilidad) challenges in Mexico

October 14, 2014  |  Accounting, Latin America

Mexico is streets (en probably blocks) ahead of Europe, when comes to e-invoicing. Now, Mexico is taking another step: e-accounting. Or in Spanish: Contabilidad Electronica, in short: eContabilidad. Now, the fact that something becomes mandatory, doesn't necessarily means that it gets easier or simpler. In this article EDICOM discusess the challenges that comes with Mexican eContabilidad.

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Invoiceware launches necessary eContabilidad reporting tool

September 25, 2014  |  Accounting, Compliance, Government, Latin America

By mandating the use of electronic invoices in 2013, Mexico's audit capability continues to evolve as the tax authority in the world that has insight into each invoice exchanged within the country. Additionally, the SAT now has the ability to audit tax payment accuracy and evasion in real-time with electronic accounting reports. And Invoiceware International has the tools to support all of this!

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