Case Study: SAP and the LATAM fiscal and e-Invoicing mandates

In 2015, Latin America has announced new tax and electronic invoicing policies which will divert SAP ERP project funding and staff away from strategic initiatives while exposing multinationals to potential operational shut downs and severe financial penalties.

Brazil requires Nota Fiscal v3.1 by March 2015, and new SPED reports including ECF and eSocial will go into effect in 2015, Mexico has demanded fiscal reports by March 3rd, 2015, and additional countries including Uruguay, Peru and Ecuador all have mandates for e-invoicing. Companies are already struggling with the day to day support and change management across the region – these new mandates further the issues.

Listen to Billy Sparks, Sr. SAP COE Manager Finance of Lexmark International to learn:

  • Common challenges in Latin America for a SAP Center of Excellence
  • How to avoid fire drill SAP upgrades due to constant change management in Latin America
  • The realities of SAP ERP and ability to maintain compliance in countries like Brazil, Mexico and Chile
  • Why transitioning to a hybrid cloud strategy makes sense for SAP shops with operations in Latin America

Visit the item on the Invoiceware International website here, or head over to the case study here

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