Case Study: Banking group optimizes payment processing with ISIS Papyrus

A scalable Papyrus capture solution automates distributed document recording across desktop and the web with a Single Point of Maintenance

The Challenge of ISIS Papyrus Speeding payment processing with high-quality performance concerns:

• Timely, accurate and highly efficient processing
• Easy clarification of exceptions
• Concurrent overview and visibility in both day-to-day business and archive under auditing security

The Solution:

Distributed capture and validation

• Secure transfer via the heterogeneous network to the central processing office
• Classification according to 5 basic payment order types with more than 40 related sub-forms
• Text recognition of areas of documents (many not suited for OCR/ICR)

The Benefits:

Speed, Quality and Compliance

• Concurrent consolidated overview of all process stages
• Optimized balance of resources via distributed scanning and centralized data recording and processing
• Integrated security through encryption, role-based access rights and secure archiving

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