Bruges first to embark on e-invoicing project

October 9, 2012  |  Electronic Invoicing, Europe, Government

brugge Bruges first to embark on e invoicing project

If you’ve never been to Bruges then you really should go there for a weekend or so. The historic centre is truly breathtaking and it’s for good reason that the medieval city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The largest city in the Belgian province of West Flanders doesn’t hang around in the Middle Ages when it comes to e-invoicing, because Bruges kicks off a major project to start off local authorities with e-invoicing in a simple and fast way.

Specific solution

Several parties (including Certipost) together developed a solution specifically for local governments, in which both the connection to suppliers and the processing of information within the administrations are fully addressed, and this applies to both electronic and paper invoices. Bruges will be the first to annually process nearly 30.000 invoices completely electronic.

Easy automation

Certipost lets us know that e-invoicing holds certain possibilities: “Local  governments can easily automate with Certipost’s solution for cities and towns, social services, police and provincial governments. Local governments share a large number of suppliers, and once connected to an administration, it is very easy to track them with other administrations and make a connection”.

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