Brazilian Nota Fiscal Electronica (NF-e) Version 3 gets the go ahead

nfe 3 300x68 Brazilian Nota Fiscal Electronica (NF e) Version 3 gets the go aheadThe Secretaría de Fazenda has published technical note NT2013.005. It announces the rollout of version 3 of the  Nota Fiscal Electronica (NF-e) digital invoice in Brazil. This version changes the structure of the XML file, the validation process and webservice communications with the Public Administration.

In its technical note, the Secretaría de Fazenda has also set the dates for the implementation of NF-e version 3. On 02/12/2013  a test framework will be started-up. On 10/03/2014 the Production framework (coexisting with version NF-e version 2) will be live. And in December 2014 the coexistence period comes to an end, and usage of NF-e version 3 becomes mandatory.

At EDICOM they are currently analysing this new version with a view to incorporating it in their International Electronic Invoicing platform before December 2013. This way, any NF-e issuing business using the services of EDICOM’s Electronic Invoicing solution in ASP (Application Service Provider) mode has compliance with current regulations assured at all times, as well as updating of their data schemas according to the SEFAZ specifications.


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