Bount International expands rollout of Invoiceware into Mexico

January 29, 2013  |  Electronic Invoicing, Latin America, Legal

The distance from Brazil to Mexico measured in a straight line is 7000 kilometres. Guess you’ll need a plane for that. Or a lot of callus on your feet. But the countries are very close to each other when it comes to e-invoicing rules and regulations. They’re strict, to say the least. Blount International brought in Invoiceware International in 2009 for sending and receiving Nota Fiscal XML formats required by the Brazilian tax authority. With success, because Blount chose to expand their rollout of Invoiceware into Mexico to comply with the CFDI v3.2 mandates.

Sawing up burden of constantly changing regulations

Blount is a global manufacturer and marketer of replacement parts, equipment, and accessories for the forestry, lawn and garden; farm, ranch and agriculture; and construction markets, and is the market leader in manufacturing saw chain and guide bars for chainsaws. By taking advantage of Invoiceware International’s SAP Rapid Deployment Templates (RDT) and OnDemand Latin America eInvoicing network, Blount International is eliminating the project and IT burdens caused by the constantly changing regulations, now as well as in the future.

Blount and Invoiceware comment

  • Kevin Schneider, Manager of Business Systems for Blount International:

“We can provide our end users with a seamless and easy-to-use experience because we won’t need to make changes when eInvoicing legislation changes in Mexico or Brazil.”

  • Scott Lewin, President & CEO, Invoiceware International:

“Our commitment to multi-language enterprise class support, guaranteed government compliance, and native integration with ERP systems including SAP ERP make us the leading solution provider for eInvoicing in Brazil, Mexico and Argentina among Fortune 2000 multi-nationals.”

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