Bottomline adds Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 functionality to document processing tool

July 8, 2008  |  Uncategorized

Bottomline Technologies (NASDAQ: EPAY), a leading provider of collaborative payment, invoice and document automation solutions, today at Microsoft’s 2008 Worldwide Partner Conference announced expanded functionality for automating business-critical transactional processes within Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009.This new release allows the growing number of organizations standardized on Microsoft Dynamics AX to achieve the business benefits of more streamlined, electronic processes involving transactional documents such as invoices, payments and purchase orders.

Integrating seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, Bottomline’s document process automation solution allows organizations to quickly extend the capabilities of their Microsoft application without custom programming. Through this functionality, organizations can build upon the strengths of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 to further increase user productivity, reduce costs associated with managing complex global financial and supply chain processes, and respond to the changing demands of the regulatory environment.

“The ability to manage the generation and delivery of transactional documents electronically has become a strategic factor in helping organizations compete more effectively in a global marketplace,” said Gareth Priest, Vice President of Global Product Management, Bottomline Technologies. “Since first introducing support for the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform in 2006, our solution has provided this growing community with the transactional document automation capabilities they need to maximize their investment in Microsoft Dynamics AX as a core financial and business system.”

In deploying the new capabilities announced today, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 users can:

  • Improve the security of electronic transactional documents and payments through configurable preferences based on role and delivery destination;
  • Share configuration options across multiple company accounts, and enable unattended batch processing based on recipient-specific delivery preferences during non-peak times to reduce operational complexity and IT overhead;
  • Increase user productivity with a fully integrated and intuitive interface that mirrors the MicrrMicrosoft Dynamics AX 2009 user experience;
  • Support global implementations through user interface localization in common international languages;
  • Enhance communication and reporting through the ability to group related, but independent documents, into a single PDF file for preview and delivery; and
  • Utilize Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Enterprise Portal to access and view Bottomline-generated reports on-demand without a Windows AX client.

“We believe that with the combination of our domain expertise and new capabilities specifically designed for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, customers will gain the security, reliability and control they require to make efficient transactional document processes part of their long-term, global business strategy,” said Priest.

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