Be aware! The end of the Portuguese SAFT-PT grace period is near

September 16, 2013  |  Digitalisation, Financial software, Government

On 15th October 2013, the grace period extended by the Portuguese customs and tax authorities to businesses for implementation of the new electronic model for the control of goods movements in Portuguese territories comes to an end. After 15 October 2013, the tax administration will monitor all goods movements electronically and any company failing to provide prior notification of the shipment of goods by means of the electronic transport document (SAFT-PT) will be liable to prosecution and may be fined.

The EDICOM solution is completely in line with the current regulations covering Portuguese territory, having obtained certification accrediting us as a provider of approved software for the issuance of invoices and transport documents in Portugal. In addition to full legal compliance, Edicom SAFT-PT provides businesses a totally automated transport document issuing system with customized integration in their internal management systems.

The issuing process is user-friendly and transparent:



Data are taken automatically from the client’s ERP to construct the XML message.



The Edicom SAFT-PT solution includes a validation module that checks all the details to ensure compliance with the specifications required by the TA.



The solution automates sending of the mandatory data via a real-time web service connection to the TCA data centre. Likewise, it receives the authorization code issued by the TCA and includes it in the document.



The solution integrates the authorization code with the corresponding transport document directly in the client’s information management system.

With only a few weeks to go before the extension window closes, EDICOM urges all companies affected by Ministerial Decree Nº 160/2013 of 23 April to get in touch with their business consultant in EDICOM to start work on the necessary roll-out tasks as soon as possible.



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