Basware Whitepaper: “Why are governments not paperless?”

Basware today launched its latest white paper examining the impact of e-invoicing adoption on governments. While the global market penetration of e-invoicing is estimated to be just 10 per cent, the savings that e-invoicing can bring are contrastingly high – up to 90 per cent of the cost of processing. Low uptake of processing invoices electronically means there is an untapped opportunity by many governments worldwide by going paperless.

Yet while every country has a problem that can be solved by e-invoicing – from driving down costs and increasing efficiency to ensuring control and compliance – the reasons that make it compelling differ from market to market, as does adoption. In the paper – titled “Why are governments not paperless?” – Basware consolidates views and country-specific case studies to examine several current country models, and the future it sees for each.

Download the whitepaper “Why are governments not paperless?” now!

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