Basware signs two new contracts: Restel Consolidated and the Divest Group

First, Basware signed a service agreement with Restel Consolidated in Finland, allowing Basware to deliver printing and sending services for outgoing invoices. The value of the deal is approximately EUR 500.000 for the next three years.

Restel operates 48 hotels in Finland. The range of hotels includes the domestic Cumulus and Rantasipi chains as well as hotels of the international Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza chains. In addition, Restel operates 240 restaurants.

Second, Basware closed an agreement with Divest Group. Also in Finland, allowing Basware to deliver:

  • e-Invoicing services of accounts receivable and accounts payable,
  • scan & capture services
  • printing services.
  • Basware Invoice Automation and Payment solutions as a Service (SaaS).

The value of the deal amounts to approximately EUR 1.3 million for the next 3 years.   Divest Group sells services for financial administration, sales and customer services to its own customers. These services offered are now based also on Basware’s solutions.

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