Basware signs Alusta implementation for Oil and Gas multinational

Basware has signed a big e-invoicing services agreement for a international oil and gas company that is located in the U.S.. At the core of the contract Basware will set up its Alusta purchase-to-pay platform to deliver a variety of e-invoicing and supplier services.

The mulitnational will use Basware’s services in its operations globally. The value of the agreement is approximately EUR 2.8 million over the next five years.

Esa Tihilä, CEO, Basware Corporation:
“This is a significant agreement for Basware in one of our key markets, in terms of value, volume and industry. The customer processes 1.7 million invoices annually in its operations worldwide. I’m pleased to see positive customer momentum continue developing also to Basware’s Alusta.”

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