Basware makes PDF e-invoicing easier: new capabilities and more efficient for all business types

There are now new capabilities for Basware PDF e-Invoice, enabling businesses of all sizes to easily submit their invoices electronically and with even less resource required to integrate with existing billing systems.

Basware PDF e-Invoice is designed to work within existing processes, ensuring the invoice is delivered in the format the customer requires, and adds crucial business efficiencies by automating key aspects of the process – converting invoices into formats such as xml or e-mail.

Basware PDF e-Invoice also has the ability to list line items within an invoice, providing detailed information on individual items rather than just the total amount. This is highly valuable when invoices require sign-off by multiple people. It is also a tool to enable large buyer organizations to onboard their suppliers to e-invoicing, and as many countries now have mandated e-invoicing – Basware PDF e-Invoice therefore presents a way to easily meet regulatory guidelines.

For smaller businesses, the implementation of the new service is immediate: the process requires them to register with Basware and then send their invoices to a Basware Network email address instead of directly to the vendor or buyer. For larger organizations, the service can be integrated directly with the ERP or billing systems. Emails generated from billing systems can be easily converted to e-invoices and sent directly to customers in the required format.

Ilari Nurmi, SVP, Purchase to Pay, Basware:
“Processes such as invoicing must be as efficient as possible in order to allow the business to focus on strategic priorities. The benefits of e-invoicing are clear. It speeds up the invoice approval process and reduces the resource organizations need to invest in their payment processes, creating opportunities for early payment and invoice financing. Basware PDF e-Invoice is another important step businesses can take to improve their cash flow and achieve important efficiencies.”


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