Basware and Euroscript cooperate in financial operations and procurement

January 12, 2012  |  Financial software, Invoice Automation

Euroscript and Basware entered into an exclusive partnership with Basware. The partnership enables all organizations more automation, transparency and reliability for all their financial operations and procurement processes.

Now this is all very vague. We have really no clue of what exactly is being offered to customers of Basware.

However, Benedikt Schröder, Managing Director at Euroscript Systems can explain the WHY behind the partnership:

  • “The number of transactions has more than tripled over the past few years, paving the way for more and more unstructured information. In addition, business operations being run from many different parts of the world make it all the more difficult for organizations to secure their processes”.
  • “This alone forces a growing number of organizations, to resort to solutions enabling them to generate reliable data on the one hand, and to optimize and monitor more effectively their processes, on the other”.

Frank Wuschech, Country Manager Central and Eastern Europe at Basware also states the why:

  • “We have chosen to team up with Euroscript as they have an extensive knowledge and a clear vision of the IT architecture organizations are now resorting to, so as to efficiently manage their content. They understand the growing need for interoperability more and more companies are experiencing, and how to integrate and align our solutions to help customers reach this goal”

However, as Basware and Euroscript seem to know what the offering exactly is, we recommend you to contact them.

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