Bartlomiej Wojtowicz, Comarch EDI: “Directive 2014/55/EU has various development stages within Europe”

Although the Directive 2014/55/EU mandates all the public administrations in the EU Member States to support a certain e-invoicing standard and to process them automatically as of 27 november 2018, the level of preparation across Europe differs significantly.

On the one hand, some countries, like Denmark, Finland, Spain or Italy have already mandated some or all enterprises to send B2G invoices electronically (or at least indicated some timeline like France and the Netherlands) while, on the other hand, the laggards are still in the planning and design phase.

Hopefully, these processes are under control but worth mentioning is the risk of political aspects with suddenly emerging ‘urgent’ issues with higher social priority especially in the election years. And the time is ticking away – 2 years left. Bartlomiej Wojtowicz, Comarch EDI discusses whether Europe will grasp this chance?

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