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CenterVisionResource management platform improves efficiency and lowers document processing costs

BancTec, a global provider of advanced, high-volume document and payment processing services and solutions, today introduced its next generation global platform for managing multiple streams of in-bound information; CenterVision. Delivered as either an in-house implementation or as an outsourced service, CenterVision will help organizations reduce the cost of capturing, delivering and managing all inbound communications including paper, fax, e-mail and web content.

“CenterVision is a global TCM platform that will transform the way large organisations capture and process their in-bound paper and electronic documents,” said Mark Fairchild, senior vice president and chief technology officer, BancTec. “With its unique capture interface, management dashboard, and automated processing and distribution capabilities, CenterVision significantly enhances management visibility and operational control, leading to improved efficiency, lower costs and better customer service. Whether from a central processing facility or multiple distributed locations, CenterVision will help organisations speed up the delivery of business-critical information, streamline existing document processes, and more easily adapt to changing business requirements.”

By converging departmental processing applications and complex mailroom centers onto a common platform, the CenterVision solution provides total management visibility and operational control. Mixed documents can be captured throughout an organisation, while document pre-sorting, preparation, data entry and validation activities are minimized. The solution automatically classifies each document according to its format or content, and then delivers it to the most appropriate workflow for the next processing activity. All document types can be captured, including items such as correspondence, invoices, leases, application forms, order forms, direct debits, standing orders, remittances and other forms of payments.

One of the most compelling capabilities of CenterVision is the way it enables managers to compile information on not only the number of documents they are processing, but also on how efficiently their operation is running. The management dashboard allows organisations to quickly identify operational issues and to acquire information helpful in improving the efficiency of the workflow. By turning raw data into key performance indicators, the dashboard helps managers measure real productivity rates, prioritize work to meet SLAs and provide additional transparency to the business.

CenterVision creates a true shared-service environment, encompassing multi-site reconciliation and load balancing techniques to help reduce “per item” processing costs. It also helps protect previous technology investments by “wrapping around” existing document applications that may already be handling forms, invoices and payment processes. Additionally, the solution improves accountability and compliance by providing an auditable trail from receipt to storage for every in-bound document.

The unique business process management capabilities of CenterVision, along with the ability to implement it in-house or as an outsourced service, differentiate CenterVision from other offerings in the market. Organisations that need a global processing platform to manage all document streams across their business have the best opportunity to realize the potential cost savings and service benefits offered by CenterVision.
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