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May 2017

  1. The Core Invoice Usage Specification (CIUS) could lead to a fragmented EU e-invoicing landscape

    Suggestions: At least one CIUS will have to be created to remove loose ends in the EN. One of the two syntaxes should be deprecated and its mandatory use withdrawn. National CIUS should only apply to domestic suppliers, not preventing cross-border exchange of electronic invoices

March 2017

  1. Introducing our latest sponsor: B2B Router / Invinet Systems

    B2BRouter is a simple online solution provided by Invinet that enables companies to send electronic documents through the Pan-European PEPPOL network, recommended by public administrations in Europe and mandated by the Department of Health in England.

    For SME suppliers, you can set up your clients on the B2BRouter portal, receive notices of incoming PEPPOL orders by email, flip orders into outbound PEPPOL invoices and send them through the PEPPOL network, at the touch of a button, for a small annual fee.