A winning e-invoicing program – Premier Foods [webinar replay]

Learn how Premier Foods streamlined their financial supply chain with their ‘Payment on Time’ climbing to over 90% and cost per invoice dropping in record time. As a result, Premier Foods achieved 100% of their mission critical KPIs with Taulia.

Specifically, the webinar will examine:

  • What the win is for suppliers, AP, procurement, finance, and the wider business when considering moving to invoice automation as the first step towards supply chain finance
  • How technology can drive process compliance and have massive impact on match rates and touchless processing – Premier Foods’ best practices for converting 60% of their in-scope invoices
  • How ‘Payment on Time’ climbed to over 90% and cost per invoice dropped because of the initiative
  • The before and after metrics for 100% reduction of overdue invoices
  • What some of the overall challenges were and how Premier Foods overcame them
  • Where Premier Foods will go next with Taulia’s supply chain finance solution

If you’re in AP and procurement, this webinar examines the data, project details, lessons learned, and critical success factors in Premier Foods’ process automation project.

If you’re in finance or treasury, this webinar shares the wider benefits of such an initiative and what to expect from the first phase of any supply chain finance program.

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