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E-Invoicing has become an important topic around the world. With new government initiatives ahead, a diversity of challenges need to be faced and E-Invoicing is being implemented at a very fast pace in order for governments and companies to benefit from significant cost savings and to enhance compliance. Taking into account this global roll-out, the market demands for a platform to exchange best practices, new ideas and opinions on E-Invoicing as well as topics that go beyond. The evolution now directs us to full AP/AR process automation, E-Supply Chain Financing and towards a real-time economy.

The Exchange Summit provides a platform to get in-depth information about recent developments and future trends. Participants will benefit from cutting edge keynote speeches, panels and round tables covering interoperability and public procurement and discuss with global thought leaders.

Senders and receivers will learn how to

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April 2018

  1. Exchange Summit Americas: accelerator for digitization

    It will offer insights into the latest market trends in the U.S., LATAM, Australia and Europe, covering current topics like E-Invoicing, Supply Chain Finance, Blockchain and AP/AR Automation.

October 2014

  1. Exchange Summit: Addressing the e-invoicing toxic mix?

    Unfortunately we were not able to visit this years Exchange Summit in Barcelona. However Ellen Leith of APN Today was present and she wrote an interesting background article, called: “Avoiding the e-invoicing toxic mix”. In it she points out some interesting points. I added some additional remarks.

    The discussion shows that the diffusion of e-invoicing is a matter of time and that different continents have different approaches. It seems that the LATAM approach is proving the most succesful for now, whereas the EU still has to find its bearing. However, regardless of legislation and (lack of) standards, businesses have to and can rely on e-invoicing service providers from years on end to help them achieve their goals.