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Saphety is a Global Network Solutions provider that boosts organizations' efficiency and reliability.

Saphety is a leading company in solutions for electronic documents exchange, electronic invoicing and data synchronization amongst companies. Currently, our client portfolio has over 3800 companies and over 140 thousand users throughout 37 countries.

Saphety offers solutions that allow paper-free, simple and automated business processes between organizations. This is accomplished in a secure, reliable, efficient and economic way in accordance with the legal framework in force.

Saphety is owned by the largest Portuguese private investment group, Sonae group, which has over 44.000 employees in 88 countries. Apart from IT and telecommunications, Sonae group also conducts business in retail, real estate and industry amongst other areas.

With local offices in Europe and Latin America and a global presence around the world, we develop, implement and support or own software solutions.

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April 2018

  1. From now on, electronic invoicing in Colombia is very simple

    The SaphetyDoc Electronic Invoicing platform that allows the easy to handle and online issuance of financial invoices so companies and SMEs can comply with their mandatory duties before the DIAN without any additional investments.

February 2018

  1. Saphety is a member of EESPA’s executive committee

    By integrating the executive committee, Saphety is disseminating the role of EESPA – European EInvoicing Service Providers Association – in the markets where it operates, all over the world.

  2. DIAN has qualified 43 suppliers for electronic invoicing services in Colombia

    DIAN qualified 43 suppliers towards offering their services of issuance and reception of electronic invoices by means of a software that companies can use to pay for this service.