Ariba: paperless e-Invoicing in Poland

September 6, 2010  |  Electronic Invoicing, Publications

The revised 2010 Tax Compliance Country Guide includes a new chapter for Poland.  This chapter was accelerated as a result of our understanding of one customer’s interest in implementing the Ariba e-Invoicing solution in Poland.

Ariba is open to accelerate the production of a country guide (new or updated) to assist any customer rollout their solution into any country where we believe we have a paperless solution.  Unlike some competitors, there are no pre-conditions or volume commitments required for Ariba to research a country and obtain this kind of information via the local KPMG expert.  This update serves as another example of Ariba’s and our partners’ commitment to spreading the adoption of paperless e-Invoicing globally!

In general, Poland is a very straight forward VAT country with the exception of the following differences:

* Poland requires that “Faktura VAT”  (Tax Invoice) in Polish language be included in the invoice.
* Poland requires that “FAKTURA KORYGUJACA” or “KOREKTA” be include in a credit memo.
* Poland requires that “Total invoice amount” be written in digits and in words.
* Poland has defined requirements for 4 types of credit memos

See Ariba’s Country Guide for more details on how the Ariba solution maps to the Polish requirements.

If you are interested in e-Invoicing in Poland, please contact your Ariba representative for the latest version of Ariba’s Country Guide.

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