Ariba expands e-invoicing capabilities in Ariba Network, bringing it to 2.0

Ariba announced expanded capabilities setting a new standard for the way invoicing is done as part of the latest release of the Ariba Network. The Ariba Network is the world’s largest, most global business-to-business trading platform and is used by nearly 2 million enabled buyers and sellers to exchange over 70 million invoices per year. With the new features embedded in the network, these companies can drive an end-to-end invoicing process that is more global, intelligent and simple than ever.

Connected, Smart and Simple

Leveraging Ariba’s cloud-based applications and business network, companies can enable a closed-loop process that is connected to procurement and integrated with their suppliers so that they can capture and settle invoices more simply and efficiently. And they can manage all elements of this process in a completely touchless manner with proper governance along the way.

Among the new features in the latest release that are creating benefits for sellers on the Ariba Network are enhanced services invoicing capabilities that support multi-level hierarchies for orders and invoices and make it easier to manage large volumes of line items and their related closure/invoice requests.

Global E-invoicing Services

As business becomes more global, the ability to meet complex tax and compliance requirements that vary by country becomes more critical. The countries in which Ariba supports VAT compliance requirements comprise more than 90 percent of the world’s GDP. And three more have joined the list, making Ariba the most global invoicing solution on the market:

Tax Services Invoicing for Brazil – Brazil has complex and unique requirements governing the creation of tax invoices for the delivery of services that vEary by locality. With the latest release of its network, Ariba delivers an end-to-end services invoicing solution that includes support for signing, submission and receipt of invoices from Sao Paolo, and delivery these invoices to the buyer.

Tax Invoicing for Chile and Colombia – Like Brazil, Chile and Colombia have their own complex requirements governing the creation of tax invoices, their validation by the tax authority and validation checks through to payment. With the latest release of the Ariba Network, Chilean and Colombian companies can automate the invoice submission process and guarantee that their invoices are current and valid. And buyers can focus on their business needs rather than the complexities of legal invoice formats and tax authority integration in these countries.

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