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e-Invoicing and e-Archive Invoicing in Turkey, an update

September 6, 2016  |  Asia, Compliance, Electronic Invoicing, Europe

e-Invoice system is a structure that circulates only among the registered users. The invoice recipient is required to be on the list of registered users of Revenue Administration (GIB) in order to be able to perform e-Invoice transmission.

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VAT Gap: Nearly EUR 160 billion lost in uncollected revenues in the EU in 2014

September 6, 2016  |  Compliance, Europe, Featured Articles

A staggering €159.5 billion in Value Added Tax (VAT) revenues were lost across the EU in 2014 according to figures released by the European Commission today. Compared to 2013, the 2014 VAT GAP has decreased by €2.5 billion but individual performances of Member States still vary enormously when it comes to VAT compliance. Some 18 Member States showed an improvement in their figures, while eight Member States failed to collect more VAT revenues than the year before.

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Infographic: A beginners guide on electronic invoicing in Europe

September 6, 2016  |  Electronic Invoicing, Europe, Publications

In the coming years e-invoicing will become a key part of Europe’s, even the global digital economy. Big businesses and governments all over the world are already using it, and smaller businesses are not far behind. Zervant made an infographic about it.

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Pagero establishes Benelux operations in Amsterdam

September 6, 2016  |  Electronic Invoicing, Europe

Pagero sets up Benelux offices in Amsterdam to meet the increased market demand in the region and as yet another step in our ongoing internationalization process. With a local presence Pagero is able to offer their local customers improved support.

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EDICOM takes part in German e-invoicing event FeRD

September 5, 2016  |  Electronic Invoicing, Europe, Events

September 8 is the date set for the 3rd edition of FeRD in Berlin, Germany’s biggest e-billing forum. Organized by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi), it brings international experts together to discuss the future of e-invoicing in Germany.

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EDICOM expands connectivity in Switzerland through an agreement with Swisscom

August 31, 2016  |  Cooperation, Electronic Invoicing, Europe

The cooperation is not limited to the e-invoicing document or the B2G scope. The alliance with Swisscom will also serve to improve EDI connections in the B2B area, while optimizing trade and logistic relationships for the clients of both parties, with the fluid exchange of all types of EDI transactions.

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Doka aims to send e-invoices across the globe with Pagero

August 31, 2016  |  Electronic Invoicing, Europe

By using Pagero’s services, the Doka Group has been able to fulfill all legal requirements in Europe, while also saving money, the environment and meeting customer requests for e-invoicing.

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Smart tactics in e-procurement could save UK SME’s 106 billion GBP

August 18, 2016  |  Europe, Procurement, Research

If British SMEs could realise even a small percentage of the estimated savings by e-procurement, profitability would soar and working capital as well as cash flow would be significantly improved, allowing businesses to be more agile and flexible.

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EDICOM leads European project to promote e-invoicing in public health

DICOM will set up a multi-syntax solution for each of the participants, enabling them to process invoices in several standards. This platform will also comply with the European semantic interoperability specifications. The doors are open for interested parties to participate!

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FIT Solutions announces its Supply Chain Finance Service in the Turkish finance sector

e-Finance is a FIT Solutions Supplier Financing Platform which steps in the situations where the corporations are required to collect their receivables earlier in order to make their payments regularly and on time.

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