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8 questions on the Spanish SII system, mandatory as from July 2017 [SAP addon]

SII – Immediate Information Sharing system will be mandatory as of July 2017 in Spain involving more than 62,000 companies.

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EDICOM offers SAF-T services for companies in Norway (mandated as from 2017)

February 17, 2017  |  Accounting, Compliance, Europe

As of 1-1-2017, companies either resident or with physical presence in Norway are required to provide their accounting transactional data based on SAF-T

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A common Franco-German e-invoice format is becoming a reality

Stefan Engel-Flechsig wrote a post announcing that France and Germany are working on a common e-invoicing format. The co-operation mainly focuses on two areas: first, the question of a common Franco-German accounting form, which can be used in the same way in both countries and takes into account the requirements of the future EU accounting form. On the other hand, both forums have dealt with the legal requirements of electronic invoices and the audit by the auditors in the two countries.

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Turkey covers a substantial distance in the e-Transformation process

FIT Solutions, Turkey’s leading e-Transformation enterprise, analyses the conversion created by e-Transformation as follows….

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TrueCommerce Launches Sage 50 Accounts and Sage 200 EDI Integration in Europe

Sage is seamlessly connected to the TrueCommerce global trading platform with over 23,000 retailers, distributors and logistic service providers.

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Invoiceware International simplifies compliance with Colombia DIANs e-invoicing mandates

March 24, 2016  |  Accounting, Compliance, Latin America

Companies leveraging Invoiceware International’s regional compliance platform will benefit from minimal business disruptions, as the Latin American compliance leader manages all necessary requirements seamlessly within each company’s ERP.

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US Implements EInvoicing and Reporting: Similarities to Latin America?

Latin America has long been at the forefront ofB2G compliance requirements, and nations across the globe have taken note of how LATAM countries cracked down on tax fraud. So, how do the recent U.S. actions compare?

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Invoiceware International to Streamline Tax Reporting in Mexico for Oneida Limited

January 25, 2016  |  Accounting, Compliance, Government, Latin America

Global tableware brand minimizes risks and automates compliance with Mexico’s recent eAccounting (eContabilidad) mandates

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Brazil 2016 SPED Requirements: Block K (Bloco K) Adds Complex Inventory and Production Reports

Not only do companies need to update their cost accounting practices – many of which currently lack the detailed information needed – they also have to ensure their reports and processes adhere to each variation in local requirements.

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Tennant Company selects Invoiceware International to automate Mexico’s new tax reporting requirements

Industrial cleaning solution manufacturer turns to Invoiceware’s Latin American Compliance Solution to minimize audit risks and support Mexico’s latest electronic accounting mandates.

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