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February 2015

  1. Singapore is the Asia Pacific leader in e-invoicing; ApexPeak explains why

    Singapore is one of the few nations in the Asia Pacific region to have mandated the practice of e-invoicing. Since May 2008, e-invoicing has been mandated by the government for their suppliers.

January 2015

  1. ApexPeak buys Cashnomix to gain foothold in the Middle East

    Cashnomix has been in the spotlight after receiving several accolades in the Dubai region in late 2014. Cashnomix recently completed a prototype credit scoring algorithm for invoices, as well as growing a deal book in the UAE worth USD1.2 million.

  2. 30 percent of invoices in Hong Kong are paid late! What to do?

    There is nothing quite as gratifying as receiving a cheque in the mail from a customer, or an SMS notification from the bank announcing the arrival of payment for services rendered. Late payments, on the other hand, can signal cash flow disaster for growing small businesses.

  3. M(obile) reaches Africa’s small businesses

    In 2012, Africa’s mobile financial transactions reached USD 61 billion – more than Europe and North America combined and will be key to unlocking financial services to small business and farmers. Access to credit, or m-funding, will increasingly become a routine exchange between alternative financiers and business in Africa.

  4. We give the floor to our supply chain finance sponsor: ApexPeak

    ApexPeak is a new capital provider aimed to provide services to small and medium size enterprises directly and those transacting on electronic invoicing networks. Founded in 2012, the firm provides in excess of US$1.3 billion trade finance to businesses located in 160 countries worldwide

    By offering a simple, fast, flexible and affordable service, ApexPeak removes the lengthy, manual and restrictive processes required by banks. As a result, their customers no longer need to worry about cash flow problems and can instead focus on growing their businesses.