A new rising trend in Turkey: the mandatory e-ledger (e-accounting)

The Turkey’s taxing authority Turkish Revenue Administration(TRA) – Gelir ?daresi Ba?kanl???(G?B) , announced it is mandatory that all e-invoice taxpayers have to apply for the E-ledger system at the TurkishRevenue Administration before December 2014. The companies who have to use E-ledger system must keep their Journals and general ledger are included to the scope of this service.

There are two ways of integration to E-ledger service for TRA/G?B. The first option is that taxpayers use one of the E-Ledger software that is approved by the Revenue Administration or companies may develop their E-Ledger software in-house. You can find the list of the software providers over here: http://www.edefter.gov.tr/uyumlu_program.html The second way of integration for E-ledger system is the Platform Independent E-ledger.

Platform Independent E-ledger

Firms who want to integrate the e-ledger process, should use their own formats and use their E-invoice service provider to convert it into XBRL ( XML format ) and then upload processes files directly on the Tax authority portal. Firms should use their own financial seal to send these documents on G?B portal.

Taxpayers have to keep their Original E-ledger files, Software converted files(*) or Independent E-ledger converted files , and Tax authority approved E-berat versions for their system .Software (providers) must convert these original data into the approved formats and it is abstract called E-berat. The TRA only checks this abstract on their system and approves it with its own seal.

It is expected that 19.200 Turkish companies are to use this system after decembe,2014. This will be the second big impact on Turkish E-Transformation market. From now on almost 20 Million e-invoices are processed on E-Invoice Ecosystem in Turkey and there are currently 33 approved special integration provider(E-invoice special integrator), growing to 50 after the mandatory E-ledger service comes into effect .

Yaz?l?mlar?n Uyumlulu?u edefter.gov.tr



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