Anachron and MaxCredible team up to fight against unpaid e-invoices

Anachron and MaxCredible team up to fight against past due e-invoicesCredit management has always played a pivotal role in a company. And its role only increases with the adoption of e-invoicing and automatically processed e-invoices. This is acknowledged by a recent customer survey held among Anachron’s e-Invoicing clients. This survey showed that over 75% of the respondents saw an online credit management software solution as an important addition to electronic invoicing.

That is why Anachron and MaxCredible have joined forces in the e-Invoicing and credit management domains. From now on, it will be possible to use the credit management software of MaxCredible to give unpaid invoices the attention they require, entirely automatically.

How the cooperation between MaxCredible and Anachron works

MaxCredible offers its customers an SaaS credit management  solution from the moment that the product or service is delivered through to the final payment. Anachron supplies advanced end-to-end solutions for outgoing invoice flows and online payments. Combining the two will allow the entire order-to-cash process to be optimized. The two solutions have been seamlessly integrated using single sign-on.

Initially, the CM software has been linked up to Anachron’s InvoicePortal and the first customers are now being connected. A connection will shortly also be provided to Anachron’s corporate solution, so that a single solution will also be able to provide the service for companies with international operations.

Frank Hoekstra, CEO of Anachron:

  • “Linking our software with Maxcredible’s means that the process can include not only electronic invoicing, but also the follow-up of unpaid invoices. Users can now have computerized multichannel communications with non-paying customers (by e-mail or texting), or if they want they can just simply send invoices using our InvoicePortal. “
  • “With electronic invoicing, you see in any event that invoices are paid much more quickly – the days sales are outstanding (DSO) can drop by as much as 20%! – but we now know that the link with MaxCredible can reduce the DSO by up to 50%. I can’t think of any company that wouldn’t find figures like that interesting.”

Simon Evenblij of MaxCredible:

  • “Electronic invoicing was high on the wish lists of MaxCredible’s users. Our surveys had already shown that invoicing issues were one of the top three reasons for non-payment. These issues can largely be resolved if the right invoice with the correct details is sent on time through the correct channel. Anachron makes that possible and more.”
  • “Thanks to the seamless technical integration, quick and simple e-Invoicing is now available for all MaxCredible users. So this cooperation fits perfectly with the objective of realising lower DSO figures at lower costs.”

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