Amexipac expands services to electronic accounting

The Mexican Association of Authorized Certification Providers (Amexipac) reports that their partners will provide services helping Mexican taxpayers to comply with the electronic accounting.

Nelly Maldonado, CEO of Amexipac explained that the expansion of online tax services contributes to the development of a robust technology framework for comprehensive electronic services.

He said that the obligation to keep the electronic accounting began in July this year, when the SAT issued the obligation to deliver electronic accounting information as from January 2015.

According to Nelly Maldonado, the management of electronic accounting files allows for better controls and greater confidentiality of information. He also believes that it will lead to an increase in productivity and competitiveness, as it allows users to better manage the financial information business, and leverage data to make strategic decisions.

According to Amexipac to comply with the tax rules on sending accounting information, taxpayers should use the Mailbox Tax, which is available on the website of SAT.



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