South Africa rolls out Nationwide e-Billing and Payment Service in 2014

January 14, 2014  |  Adoption, Africa, Electronic Invoicing  |  Comments Off

BankservAfrica is rolling out South Africa’s first bank-based electronic billing and payment service. BankservAfrica is wholly owned by South Africa’s leading commercial banks and is the country’s main automated clearing house. The new EBPP service is being introduced to consumers through connected online banks in 2014.
Initially BankservAfrica is making the service available to consumers via the participating banks, with plans to address the needs of corporates and business users at a later stage. Two of the largest municipalities in South Africa have already connected to the service, for the delivery of local taxes and charges, with the imminent launch of a range of retail billers via Nedbank.

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Ariba believes that being part of SAP will add value to businesses across Africa

June 10, 2013  |  Adoption, Africa, Uncategorized  |  Comments Off

The Ariba business network connects 1.000.0000 suppliers and buyers across 190 countries and handles an whopping annual transaction volume of $450 billion. The Ariba management believes African businesses can leverage its platform as a resource to strengthen their procurement processes.
SAP/Ariba is not new to the African market. It has experience in dealing with established mining operations via its acquisition of procurement support organisation and eMarketplace-focused entity Quadrem in 2010.

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They exist. In Rwanda. The Electronic Billing Machines....

They exist. In Rwanda. The Electronic Billing Machines….

May 14, 2013  |  Africa, Electronic Invoicing, Featured Articles, Legal  |  Comments Off

It may look sinister. But the Electronic Billing Machines (EBM’s) are the latest ICT innovation that will help the Rwanda Revenue Autohority to improve its efficiency when it comes to VAT collecting and to combat VAT fraud.
Rwanda has just a mere 7000 registered VAT tax payers. Yet many of them use all sorts of tricks to evade remitting the 18% on the sale of every VAT-charged commodity.

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Gabon Telecom launches e-billing system

May 1, 2013  |  Adoption, Africa, Electronic Invoicing  |  Comments Off

Gabon Telecom has launched a secure e-billing system for its business customers, Ecofin reports. Managing director Lhoussaine Oussalah said the e-billing system is free to use and meets customers’ real needs by allowing them to receive their telecom bills more quickly. The system also enables customers to save the bills of the previous six months.

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Tunesia launches nationwide e-procurement system

February 5, 2013  |  Africa, E-procurement, Government  |  Comments Off

The Tunisian e-procurement system (TUNEPS) was launched in January 2013. TUNEPS is important as public procurement represents some 15% of the Tunesian GDP. According to the Secretary of State for Finance the e-procurement system will give further efficiency and transparency to the public procurements.

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How to comply with the South African Revenue Service’s e-invoicing obligations

January 31, 2013  |  Africa, Electronic Invoicing, Legal  |  Comments Off

South African E-invoicing is not free from regulation. No Mister! Several applicable regulations must be considered and complied with in order for e-invoices to be lawfully binding. South African E-invoices will be valid in law and binding if the following legal requirements prescribed under the ECT Act are met.

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Unclear policies hold back adoption of e-procurement in Uganda

November 29, 2012  |  Adoption, Africa, E-procurement  |  Comments Off

E-procurement would be a great way to cut down corruption in Uganda, but a lack of clear policies is hindering the use of e-procurement in the country. This is at least what Paddy Wanzala, a procurement expert, said during a workshop for procurement professionals in Uganda’s capital.

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ReadSoft to open office in Johannesburg

June 13, 2012  |  Africa, Merger, Acquisition, Funding  |  Comments Off

ReadSoft is starting up an office in Johannesburg, South Africa. This isn’t the first time the enterprise is expanding its scope, because ReadSoft has operations on six continents and in seventeen countries. The new subsidiary will operate under and report into the region EMEA

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E-invoicing News: ProgressSoft And EbpSource team up, Cape Town starts E-billing via SAP, and more

May 10, 2012  |  Africa, Asia, Invoice Automation  |  Comments Off

ProgressSoft and EbpSource have announced a Partnership , to bring advanced E-billing and payment capabilities to Middle East banks and billers. Cape Town goes live with SAP electronic billing system, providing tailored e-billing services. And more: Striata and Tricubes partner to secure nationwide Malaysian eBilling initiative

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