AcceptEmail: making bill payments easy for DIA (Digital Insurance Agenda)

September 19, 2016  |  Events, Payment

AcceptEmails helps insurance companies to make bill payments easier, quicker, more transparent, frictionless and less cumbersome for their customers. Not only initial bills and statements but also reminders can be send and paid with AcceptEmail.

Insurance companies provide their customers with a better bill payment experience on PC, tablet or mobile, instant updates and no registration or log-in with yet another pair of userid/password.

This results in proven quicker payments, lower DSO, reduced costs of billing & collection and 100% payments matching in the administration. For Marketing, AcceptEmail creates upsell opportunities, valuable customer insight, happier customers, less churn and higher lifetime spent. Benefit from both costs savings and revenue increase.

Effective customer interaction

AcceptEmail provides insurers with the key to effective and informed customer interaction, leveraging changing consumer attitudes toward traditional billing methods. We deliver a smart and interactive bill presentment and payment solution via e-mail, online and text messaging. This results in a simple yet visually compelling customer payment request. While driving down bill generation costs, the time to receive the payment is also significantly reduced.

AcceptEmail delivers the following concrete benefits for insurance companies:

  • Quicker payments: 20-50% for AcceptEmail recipients
  • Lower costs : Go paperless and cut costs up to 70%
  • Instant updates: Know immediately when debtor paid
  • Remind Automatic: Re-send non-paid payment requests
  • Payments matching: 100% automatic debtors matching
  • Debtors Insight: Received? Opened? Clicked? Paid? You know.

Digital billing is a huge money saver

Billing and collections processing costs are reduced by up to € 2.50 (compared to paper bills) per item due to lower production costs, less manual process handling, faster payments that always match the AR system and a significant reduction in inbound calls.


AcceptEmail is used for initial billing but also for reminders and by call center agents for making payment plans or selling insurance products with customers during the call. For instance for customers who want to have an instant coverage of their insurance.

AcceptEmail is applicable cross industry, replacing paper bills and complementing existing email channels, biller self-service websites and banking portals. Any bill, whether one-off or regular, is in scope for the service.

Why DIA selected AcceptEmail for DIA Barcelona

Billing and payment options account for over 40% of customer satisfaction. It is a key element in customer engagement. An insurance company applying AcceptEmail managed to increase their customer satisfaction rating with 20% while improving their results of collecting payments with over 50%.

Together with Allianz, Aegon, AON and many other insurance companies and organizations AcceptEmail switched paper-based customers to digital billing via email and text messaging with minimal investment. Limited implementation requirements and short lead-time to go live are unique selling points of AccepEmail.


Peter Kwakernaak, CEO at AcceptEmail
Peter Kwakernaak, CEO, +
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