AcceptEmail: Changing the way people pay their bills

March 23, 2017  |  Electronic Invoicing, Events, Payment

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks and published on the website of the Digital Insurance Agenda 2017.

AcceptEmail, one of Hollands brightest fintech companies, is changing the way people pay their bills by creating a different bill payment experience. They send out emails or text messages through a variety of channels: email, SMS, WhatsApp, social and lately chatbots with a request to pay a bill. The customer can then initiate the payment right away, straight from the inbox on any device and without registration or log-in. This means it only takes a couple of clicks to pay. After payment, its status banner changes from blue to green in real-time, so both sender and recipient know that payment was made. The convenience of being able to pay anytime, anywhere, is highly compatible with the optimal billing process. There are far less late payments, the transparency is higher, and the payment experience becomes better.

AcceptEmail stands out because there is no software download, their unparalleled integration skills result in quick deployment and their platform is enhanced by several features like instant reporting and scheduling, making it very powerful to use. AcceptEmail service is great for both recipients and billers. Reducing overhead and accelerating cash flow for businesses. AcceptEmail has a 95% market share of the utilities, telecommunications, insurance, and consumer finance industries in the Netherlands and is market leader in Western Europe.

No major IT resource requirements necessary

Companies can start using AcceptEmail instantly without major IT resource requirements or investments in building apps. The company’s email-based Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) applies the latest principles of Cloud computing. The user-friendly email design contributes to fast and simple payment.  AcceptEmail has a profound knowledge of all aspects of email. Including template creation, sending emails, deliverability, render ability, bounce management and spam filter avoidance. They guarantee all emails always reach their destination.

50% faster payments and reminder cost are reduced up to 70%

Customers pay their outstanding balances 50% faster, while billing and reminder costs are reduced by up to 70%. Billing and collections processing costs are reduced by up to € 2.50 (compared to paper bills) per item due to lower production costs, less manual process handling, faster payments that always match the AR system and a significant reduction in inbound calls. Seven out of ten consumers prefer email over self-service portals to pay bills.

AcceptEmail and the Insurance Industry

Insurance companies can use pay-per-email and pay-per-text to handle communications about changes in coverage and payment reminders as well as offers to intermediaries regarding mortgages, insurance, damage and coverage continuation. The service can also be easily deployed in conjunction with its call-center agents’ telephone outreach. Digital bill presentment and payment helps to keep customers up-to-date with their policy payments by making just a few clicks on their mobile devices. The email communicates the latest status in real-time providing offline proof of payment. Insurance companies obtain valuable insight into customer’s payment behavior.

Apart from streamlining ongoing business in billing and collections, digitalization can boost sales acquisition. Modern insurance companies send out insurance proposals attached to a digital payment request. The customer can accept the offer, pay and has immediate coverage without having to register or log in.

An insurance company applying AcceptEmail managed to increase their customer satisfaction rating by 20% while improving their results of collecting payments by over 50%. Together with Allianz, Aegon, AON and many other insurance companies and organizations AcceptEmail switched paper-based customers to digital billing via email and text messaging with minimal investment.

Why DIA selected AcceptEmail for DIA Amsterdam

AcceptEmail’s cloud-based platform has cracked the code for realizing significantly higher payment conversion rates and improving customer engagement without the need for IT integration resources, modifications to billing systems or payment portal modification. Last year at DIA Barcelona they showed how easy it is to pay a bill in an email inbox using AcceptEmail. This year at DIA Amsterdam they will show a conversation and a bill payment between a customer on his mobile and a chatbot.

Who are AcceptEmail?

AcceptEmail is growing fast and expanding internationally with offices in Belgium, Germany, the UK and New York. They are headquartered in Amsterdam.

Late last year AcceptEmail teamed up with Slimpay.  With this partnership AcceptEmail can be used to confirm or trigger future recurring payments handled by SlimPay, including the retrial of failed payments. In addition, AcceptEmail complements SlimPay’s electronic mandate signature technology by offering billers a premium billing solution in case a direct debit fails or if more billing options are provided.


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