AcceptEmail brings email billing and payment solution to Telecommunications Carriers

Kansys Inc has joined forces with AcceptEmail to offer OCPay – short for “Open, Click, Pay” – an email- or text-based bill payment option to providers of communications services. The solution is available immediately to Kansys customers.

OCPay powered by AcceptEmail is a straightforward, visually compelling payment request embedded in a patented email format with a built-in payment function. It simplifies the entire process of billing, making payments, and confirming payment receipt. Consumers who receive a payment request from their carrier will be able to respond with a single click, right in their inbox on a mobile device or email application. There are no multiple usernames or passwords to remember and there is no cumbersome navigation through bill payment portals.

Members of the Millennial Generation, digital natives who have grown up in a networked, online world, will welcome the tool for its speed and convenience. Baby Boomers, who still rely on traditional paper-based payment methods, or who put up with time-consuming online payment methods, will welcome OCPay because they too have grown comfortable with email and texting.

AcceptEmail’s North America President and CEO Ron Averett:
“Kansys enjoys an outstanding reputation for expertise in the OSS/BSS arena. We are very much looking forward to working with them and to having them introduce AcceptEmail’s unique platform to their long list of carrier clients.”

“Rapid payment response and confirmation is particularly valued by providers and users of telecommunications services. It can help prevent suspension of service due to late or missed payments. If service has been suspended, then a quick confirmation via AcceptEmail can help get it connected again much faster than any other method.”

Bill Griffin, Business Development Lead for Kansys:
“We’re excited to introduce OCPay, powered by AcceptEmail, to the North American carriers. The solution provides savings, engagement and customer satisfaction opportunities for several subscriber segments.”

How AcceptEmail Works

AcceptEmail generates payment requests on behalf of billers, displays the payment options that the biller offers to customers, delivers essential data to the chosen payment method, and obtains authorization of the payment.

When the authorization arrives, the consumer gets notified immediately. The AcceptEmail payment request changes color on screen – from blue (payment due) to green (payment received).

Billers who use AcceptEmail typically experience reductions of up to 70 percent in collection costs. They also receive instant proof of bill delivery. AcceptEmail customers pay their bills faster – between ten and 14 days – than those who use paper bills. Instant proof of payment reduces the number of service calls related to payments by more than 10%.


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