Accelya signs the GS1 Interoperability Charter for E-invoicing solutions

ACCELYA, specialist in electronic invoicing and paperless flows, signed at the end of September the e-invoicing interoperability charter, which gathered around GS1 France 25 electronic invoicing operators. The interoperability charter aims to reinforce the costless nature of transactions, particularly when an electronic invoice passes through two different operators.

About the Interoperability Charter

The drafting of the Interoperability Charter began almost one year ago, as part of a GS1 France Working Group of users. It emerged from a shared desire among GS1 member companies, publishers and operators of electronic invoicing solutions, to create the optimum conditions for a managed, stress-free and fast deployment of electronic invoicing.

Download the signed E-invoicing Solutions Interoperability Charter (only in French):
“We are convinced that interoperability between corporate systems is a necessary condition for creating an efficient, economical, high quality and reliable supply chain”, Pierre Georget, CEO of GS1 France reminds us.

Interoperability is one of the founding principles behind GS1’s standards: it should allow each company the free choice of their electronic invoicing solution by guaranteeing that it will be compatible with the solution chosen by their commercial partners.

Currently, the Interoperability Charter consists of 4 elements:

  • the invoice format,
  • the means of transmission and traceability,
  • compliance with the regulatory framework,
  • free routing between operators.

The aim is to provide users, invoice senders and receivers, with the freedom to choose their solution providers, and also to create conditions for accessing invoices at no additional costs. This market advance has always been at the heart of Accelya’s position, something which Dominique Bougnot, Director of the French subsidiary, confirms:

“GS1 France has officially taken a real step forward in the paperless invoicing marketplace, and we are delighted to have contributed to this progress. Since we launched the Clear’ Invoice e-invoicing service in 2005, Accelya has always believed in interoperability, in order to create simplicity and fluidity of exchanges between companies for the greatest benefit to the end user and to their commercial partners.”

 Signing ceremony

The signing ceremony among the community of service providers and corporate users at the end of September was a first step in a process that eventually aims to bring together all of the e-invoicing solution providers in France (35 in total) and to broaden the scope of such initiatives to cover other sectors than consumer goods.

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