Accelya provides efficient e-invoicing for TourCom Travel Management

May 27, 2014  |  Adoption, Electronic Invoicing, Europe

Because all companies, whether large or small, need to optimize their costs and productivity, TourCom, the second largest network of travel agencies in France, is now offering its agencies and their business customers access to tax-compliant electronic invoicing, thanks to the expertise and the wealth of experience that ACCELYA has in the field of electronic invoicing.

TourCom: a network at the cutting edge of technology

TourCom is a network of independent travel agencies that will soon be celebrating its 25th year. The TourCom network joins together 630 points of sale, of which half benefit from the services of TourCom Travel Management.

TourCom is offering its agencies the chance to benefit from the advantages of the network, while maintaining complete freedom; it considers itself first and foremost to be a service providing network, the main objective of which is to offer its members a complete range of services in line with their requirements: payment terminal, accommodation, leisure activities, ticketing and efficient technological solutions to increase their productivity and profitability.

The electronic invoicing services thus integrate naturally into the TourCom offering, and the 14th TourCom Travel Management Workshop on 21 March 2014 really enabled the company to begin communication about the project with the agencies that are members of the network.

The TourCom agencies will thus be able to make use of electronic invoicing, in accordance with regulations, and to offer it to their clients, stated Patrick Loison, President of TourCom Travel Management, thoroughly convinced of the benefits:

“Electronic invoicing is becoming something that is expected; it is no doubt set to become more widely used. It concerns all companies: it represents huge potential, with considerable increases in productivity and, above all, an immediate return on investment for all!” 

Specific and immediate benefits thanks to electronic invoicing!

Accelya’s expertise in the field of electronic invoicing and its vast experience of electronic exchanges and of the tourism sector, dating back several decades, will enable the TourCom agencies to increase the fluidity and speed of their processes: once input into the management software, the invoicing data is sent directly to Accelya via email, with no risk of loss or errors, and is then processed and immediately sent to the end customers, while remaining entirely compliant with French legislation and tax regulations.

No more archiving of thousands of invoices, no more tedious searching, no more possible lost invoices and requests for duplicates, fewer litigation cases… thanks to the “electronic invoicing strongbox”, each agency and each of its customers have access to their invoices from the last 10 years, the period for which they are required to remain available under tax law: a feature that is essential for both the agency and the business client.

With an annual volume of invoices issued ranging from thousands to tens of thousands per agency, the advantages of the project are significant in terms of optimizations, cost savings and time savings. And most importantly, the main benefit of the project is the immediate return on investment.

Electronic invoicing, in compliance with legislation and tax regulations, is becoming a savings generator for the agency and its customers!

About TourCom Travel Management

Formerly operating under the name “TourCom Affaires”, TourCom Travel Management brings together the member agencies of the TourCom network, of which the primary activity focuses on ticketing and the business travel industry. The business travel industry accounts for 65% of the network’s overall activity, with tourism accounting for the remaining 35%.

TourCom Travel Management agencies benefit from negotiated tariffs and incentives, as well as services focusing on information, relations with suppliers, and the provision of technological tools, advice and support.

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