The E-invoicing Checklist: Manual [part 2]

June 13th, 2012 by in Electronic Invoicing, Publications

Ah yes, our new series on the E-invoicing Checklist. It’s time for part two. How do I use the E-invoicing Checklist? That is the answer we will answer in this week’s post

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ReadSoft to open office in Johannesburg

June 13th, 2012 by in Africa, Merger, Acquisition, Funding

ReadSoft is starting up an office in Johannesburg, South Africa. This isn’t the first time the enterprise is expanding its scope, because ReadSoft has operations on six continents and in seventeen countries. The new subsidiary will operate under and report into the region EMEA

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Ladies and gentlemen: electronic invoicing in Guatemala!

We have paid attention to neighbouring country Mexico over and over again. But now it’s time for Guatemala to get in the limelight. The Guatemalans haven’t been sitting on their hands when it comes to electronic invoicing. Last year, the Guatemalan Tax Authority passed a bill which establishes an optional electronic invoices system called “FACE”

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No e-invoicing roaming fees: Pagero launches uniform price guarantee

June 12th, 2012 by in Electronic Invoicing, Europe, Payment

Pagero decided to offer its customers a clear pricing structure, and introduced a price guarantee. The price guarantee implicates that Pagero will always charge the same transaction price for all e-invoices whether delivered directly or through another Service Provider. It should be a basic principle for all Service Providers

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CEN Draft Interoperability Agreement remodelled into Draft Framework

June 12th, 2012 by in Electronic Invoicing, Europe, Standards

As the Europeans probably know, there has been three series of CEN E-invoicing Workshops. And now one of these deliverables, the draft Model Interoperability Agreement prepared by the CEN Phase 3 Workshop on e-Invoicing, was used as a foundation for a Technical Interoperability Framework. More details will be made available in November

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Ouch! Bitten by a $143.000 hospital bill!

June 8th, 2012 by in North America, Payment

America. Land of opportunity. Yes, the opportunity to get bitten by a rattlesnake and get a $143.000 hospital invoice to boot. Unfortunately Dag-Are Trydal wasn’t deterred by the loud shaking of the titular noisemaker at the end of the rattlesnake’s tail when he was making his way to his car at a parking lot. It crept up behind him and bit him in the foot

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Banks will ultimately benefit from e-invoicing savings

June 8th, 2012 by in Adoption, Publications

The adoption of e-invoicing is still a hot potato. Celent writes in its latest report “The Opportunity for E-Invoicing” that the level of penetration is still below 10% in most countries. The report examines why e-invoicing remains a relatively untapped area of opportunity for businesses, with a focus on the banking industry

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How is the EU e-invoicing forum getting along? Have you noticed anything yet? [UPDATE]

June 7th, 2012 by in Adoption, Europe, Government

It is been almost a year from now since the birth of the EU E-invoicing Forum. And as its first birthday is coming nearer and nearer, we asked ourselves how the Forum is getting along and what it has achieved so far. We did receive rumours and information that some of the stakeholders are a bit disappointed about the achievements of the forum so far

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42 major Mexican SAP e-invoicing customers upgraded tot CFDI version 3.2

Invoiceware International has just finalised the latest round of Mexico e-Invoicing upgrades with 42 major SAP customer. They includes all upgrades to the legal requirements in the annual managed service, so end users don’t have to worry about the changes before the July 2012 compliance mandate changes

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New series: The E-invoicing Checklist [part 1]

June 7th, 2012 by in Electronic Invoicing, Publications

The E-invoicing Checklist? We can almost hear you thinking: “What might that be?” Well, the E-invoicing Checklist is a self-assessment. It helps organisations like yours to get a clear view what to look after when sending and receiving (e-)invoices. We’ll give you a weekly inside view from now on

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