S4FN brings an SAP e-invoicing add-on to the Turkish community

The e-invoicing add-on allows for the exchange of invoice records between a supplier and a purchaser in SAP, Microsoft, Wmware, Suse, and more

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Dynatos expands operations to Iberia

The expansion of Dynatos in Iberia is for the the Cronos Group the latest project in their endeavor to increase its global footprint. Dynatos has experienced tremendous growth since 2010.

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Mandatory B2B e-invoicing – a shift in EU policy

Trustweaver published some additional thoughts on the move by the Italian government to make B2B e-invoicing mandatory too – in an effort to combat VAT fraud and closing the VAT gap.

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CFDI White Paper + landing page: the e-invoicing system evolution in Mexico

June 26th, 2017 by in Compliance, Latin America, Publications

In this White Paper, EDICOM explains how CFDI has involved from the outset, its workings step-by-step, a detailed description of the structure and the benefits it provides.

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Free white paper on global VAT compliance: how to do your e-VAT return

June 26th, 2017 by in Compliance, Digitalisation

The free white paper explains how the indirect tax VAT works, how it is regulated and what its implications are both for companies and tax authorities and how to submit an electronic VAT return in each world region.

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AcceptEasy replaces AcceptEmail as name of leading bill pay vendor

The new name better reflects its capabilities, which have evolved well beyond email. AcceptEasy is the bill service provider enabling payments in all digital channels.

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Financial EDI: the antidote for corruption and tax fraud in Brazil’s dwindling economy

June 25th, 2017 by in Compliance, Digitalisation, edi, Latin America

A crisis, political instability and corruption scandals lead Brazilian companies to seek greater measures of control and security in their operations with banks.

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Will governments still promote PEPPOL once mandatory B2G e-invoicing is in full force?

It will not last for years. Once the authorities receive their invoices electronically from suppliers, you can expect promotion of PEPPOL as well as a related task force to be scaled down. 

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“Italy’s public administration has saved EUR 1 billion with mandatory e-invoicing”

June 25th, 2017 by in Compliance, Electronic Invoicing, Europe

Electronic invoicing is one of the key projects in Italy’s Digital Agenda, AGID adds. Since the beginning of this year, the FatturaPA system can be used for free by companies and citizens to send invoices.

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Webinar: Lessons Learned from Complemento de Pagos & CFDI 3.3

Join us in this webinar to learn the latest news on the requirement and how to prepare and avoid business interruptions, major challenges faced by multinationals when implementing Complemento de Pagos, and more!

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