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Is there any downside in sending PDF invoices? [LinkedIn discussion]

One of our LinkedIn group members started a discussion about the downside of sending PDF invoices. Very interesting and highly relevant stuff of course. Up until now 86 comments have been posted. We have selected some of the comments for you to make up your own mind. What do you think? PDF or data invoice?

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The E-invoicing Checklist: content clarity and comprehensibility [part 7]

July 19th, 2012 by in Electronic Invoicing, Publications

An invoice must not only contain all the legally required fiscal information; an invoice must also be clear and comprehensible for your customer. This reduces questions and complaints. It also increases the chance that your customer pays in time or maybe -just maybe even – a bit faster: reducing your DSO! We’ll help you out in this 7th part of the E-invoicing Checklist series.

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Basware and Invensys renew and expand their AP automation contract

The renewed contract also expands the services that Basware delivers to Invensys: E-invoicing and supplier on-boarding. The value of the deal exceeds over EUR 650.000 over the contract term until March 2015. The solution will be deployed using Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery methods.

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Don’t read this if you are an E-invoicing Greenwashing Groupie!

One of the most heard arguments in favour of e-invoicing is the “go green” initiative. However, this argument isn’t as rock solid as you might expect. Recent research showed that 50% of companies are using unsubstantiated environmental claims to encourage consumers to switch to lower-cost electronic billing and services. And there is a good chance that this number is on the low end.

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Banks: 7 easy ways to optimise your corporate clients working capital [WEBINAR]

July 16th, 2012 by in Electronic Invoicing, Events, Payment

In times of crisis, like this credit crunch, it is essential to increase your relevance towards your customers. And to your customer’s customers. That is why working capital management and access to liquidity are now on top of mind. Take a look at at least 7 ways companies and corporates can improve their cash liquidity and optimise their working capital requirements.

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Euromaster deploys PaletteInvoice to automate invoice processing

July 16th, 2012 by in Europe, Invoice Automation

Euromaster (you know: the tyre service and car maintenance network in Europe) has decided to deploy PaletteInvoice to streamline its invoice processing. Euromaster has 180 sites in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway, and nearly 1,950 service centres in 15 countries across Europe.

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E-invoicing in Brazil: NF-e, NFS-e and CT-e?!

The defined electronic standard that all companies must adhere to closely in Brazil is called the “Nota Fiscal Eletrônica”. But mind, this NF-e applies to goods only. The Electronic Invoice for Services (NFS-e) and Transportation Invoice or CT-e (Conhecimento de Transporte) are also part of the Brazilian system. That’s three in total. Time for some splainin’.

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US kicks-off with e-billing: countdown timer and online payment platform

Why wait for 2020 like Europe if you can have it in place by 1 March 2013? It is clear that the American countries are setting the pace for e-invoicing and e-invoicing adoption. On 1 March this year the Treasurer of the United States, Rosie Rios, started an official countdown clock, marking one year until the March 1, 2013 deadline when ALL federal benefit recipients must receive their Social Security and other federal benefit payments electronically.

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EC Sets another e-procurement example: PEPPOL and e-Prior available as open source

e-Procurement should become the rule, not the exception. That’s why the European Parliament and the Council are considering a reform bill that should make e-Procurement the standard, throughout the EU, by mid-2016. And to set an example it is making its software for electronic procurement available as open source. This includes Open e-Prior and Open Peppol.

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[UPDATE] Is Europe abandoning its single invoice standard strategy? Yes.

Going through the minutes of the second meeting of the European Multi-Stakeholder Forum on Electronic Invoicing, we noticed that the EU strategy is no longer heading towards a single invoice standard. Instead Europe is heading to a common data reference model. Allowing Member states to derive from it proprietary national standards…

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