6 e-invoicing and AP automation news bytes

Roadmenders have been working on the road that is right next to the E-invoicing Platform’s office for months on end now. Opening it up, closing it again, dragging around brightly coloured cables and putting them away again. It seems to us that they’re not getting anywhere, but it’s probably all part of an elaborate plan of some sorts. But maybe it wouldn’t hurt these men (or better, their superiors) to check out the following news bytes, because these companies know how to set about their work.

SciQuest releases Digital Mailroom solution

SciQuest today announced the availability of its Digital Mailroom solution for automating the capture of paper invoices in electronic formats. As part of SciQuest’s comprehensive invoicing portfolio, Digital Mailroom enables the accurate conversion of paper-based invoices for consistent and efficient processing in SciQuest’s Accounts Payable Director.

Service agreement between Basware and Finnish building materials company

Basware will supply extensive e-invoicing and invoice automation solutions as a service to a leading building materials company in Finland. The solutions include electronic and automatic processing of inbound invoices, supplier portal, and service for exchanging procurement messages. The services will be commissioned in Finland, and the value of the multi-year agreement is over EUR 400 000. The delivery will commence during October.

iHCFA provides NYSIF with electronic billing solutions

iHCFA announced that the New York State Insurance Fund (NYSIF) has selected iHCFA to provide state-of-the-art processing for the electronic submission of medical bills and supporting documents to NYSIF for 5 years. Electronic billing validates the submission of bills and expedites payments to medical providers, reducing more than 50% of phone calls inquiring about the status of bills.

Kingston NHS Trust to use PROACTIS Cloud eProcurement

PROACTIS today announced an agreement with Kingston Hospital NHS Trust to implement PROACTIS suite of cloud eProcurement solutions for strategic sourcing and contract management, supplier management, management of daily purchase activity, invoice processing and spend visibility across the Trust. The solution will support the Trust’s transformation and efficiency agenda and is expected to help deliver the Trust’s non-pay savings targets.

Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs invests over $700,000 in Kofax solution

Kofax today announced that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Netherlands has invested more than $700,000 in a Kofax solution that will automate and streamline critical functions in accounts payable (AP) and invoice processing. The ministry will use Kofax Capture and Kofax Transformation Modules to automate the capture, extraction and processing of information from more than 200 embassies around the world.

Tyreso chooses FormPipe Meetings

Tyresö selects FormPipe Meetings to establish paperless board meetings, and digital distribution of documents and papers. FormPipe Meetings is an app for digital and automated management of invitations, documentation and protocols for tablets. FormPipe Meetings is fully integrated with the products FormPipe W3D3 and FormPipe Platina.

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