Invoiceware International Grows Record-Breaking 80%, Expands Services in First Half of 2015

Invoiceware International had a record-breaking first half of 2015, with an 80% increase in business compared to the first half of 2014 and an on-going 100% client retention rate. Among the newest clients are Pfizer, DSM NV and Tennant Company.

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B2G Tax Compliance: Latin America turns to e-invoicing for VAT tax collection

Since VAT collections represent nearly 60 percent of tax revenue in these countries, fraud and evasion cost trillions of dollars, and now many countries in Latin America are stepping forward to proactively combat this issue. Learn more about how to optimise B2G compliance in Latin America.

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The EESPA annual survey results are in: almost 1 billion e-invoices processed!

986 million electronic invoices were processed and delivered to invoice receivers in 2014 by EESPA members. This represented a significant growth of 17 per cent over 2013 volumes of 840 million.

In summary: the 2014 figures reveal a rather less buoyant growth in B2B and B2G transactions processed than in the previous year. The B2C sector on the other hand showed very substantial growth and a growth of over 50% is very striking.

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Top 10 signs that your payables group is running late to the digital economy

August 11th, 2015 by in Financial software, Invoice Automation, Payment

Are you on the fast track to networked payables? Here are five obstacles to networked payables that may prevent your accounts payable organization from thriving in a digital economy and five warning signs that AP is running late to the digital economy.

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Ariba expands e-invoicing capabilities in Ariba Network, bringing it to 2.0

With the new features embedded in the network, these companies can drive an end-to-end invoicing process that is more global, intelligent and simple than ever.

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Tradeshift adds 3 new apps: Order Management, eLogistics and Advanced Inventory Collaboration

July 28th, 2015 by in Uncategorized

The apps can lower costs and improve efficiency with real-time order statuses and improve relationships with their suppliers through integrated collaboration functionality. They are ideal for customers with complex supply chains and important supplier relationships.

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Rapid global adoption and expansion for Tradeshift Platform

Tradeshift has seen a total of 2.2 million app activations from buyers and suppliers on the network. Monthly transactions on the platform have grown over 200% in the last six months.

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Lavante and Basware a series of seminars on the future of AP and Purchase-to-Pay

The lunch seminars feature a deep dive discussion about industry trends and new technologies led by Lavante and Basware, are focused on five critical trends that will reshape the AP landscape in coming years.

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Tradeshift App: Ecovadis – trusted supplier sustainability ratings

July 24th, 2015 by in Cooperation, Purchase-to-pay

Tradeshift customers get access to EcoVadis’ trusted supplier sustainability ratings to solve their supply chain CSR performance monitoring challenges and advance their Sustainable Procurement programs.

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10 hard truths about supplier onboarding

Whether you need to onboard for supply chain messaging, electronic sourcing, or anything in between – it’s no easy feat. So, what are the hard truths about supplier onboarding?

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