550,000 businesses walk on air with GXS Trading Grid

How do you get more than 550,000 businesses to connect to your cloud-based integration platform? That’s a good question for GXS, because the provider of B2B integration services recently announced that GXS Trading Grid serves exactly this number of businesses. Trading Grid enables users to avoid many of the complications of the traditional licensed software model, like having to install complex software or paying capital expenditures upfront. Guess that’s the answer to the initial question of this article.

Who use Trading Grid for what?

Through GXS Trading Grid, customers in the retail, automotive manufacturing, high tech and consumer products industries exchange numerous business documents such as product catalogues, sales forecasts, purchase orders, shipment notices and electronic invoices. In the financial markets, commercial banks, broker/dealers and insurance companies use Trading Grid to exchange financial documents such as payment instructions, account statements and employee benefits data electronically.

GXS keeps it simple

Bob Segert, president and chief executive officer of GXS, explains why businesses seek a cloud-based solution to their B2B integration needs in today’s global economy:

  • “Cloud integration platforms offer companies a simple solution to a complicated issue. It not only solves the challenges of connectivity but it does it with a no hassle approach that guarantees the system will be automatically enhanced by innovation with no up-front costs for hardware or software.”

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