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The EU ADVENTURE Project and exchanging electronic invoices

October 27, 2011  |  Europe, Research

TIE reported that it is engaged in the ADVENTURE Project. ADVENTURE is a European project that will develop solutions to enable virtual factories and cross-enterprises information exchange – the so-called ‘Plug-and-Play factory’. The project started in September and will last for 36 months. That sounds nice already, now lets get a bit more specific.

What is the ADVENTURE project all about?

  • ADVENTURE (Adaptive Virtual Enterprise Manufacturing Environment) is a Research project sponsored under the Europeans Commission’s 7th Framework programme as well as by the projects members –
  • ADVENTURE aims at simplifying the establishment, management, adaptation, and monitoring of dynamic manufacturing processes in virtual factories.
  • ADVENTURE will help virtual factories and enterprises move beyond existing operational limitations by developing concrete tools and solutions for leveraging the information exchange between factories.
  • Factory process optimization will be enabled by the integration of runtime factory selection, forecasting, monitoring, and on-the-fly collaboration.

Relationship with electronic invoices

At first glance the ADVENTURE project doesn’t seem to have much relationship with exchanging electronic invoices. But then again, take a look at these phrases: leveraging the information exchange between factories, simplify processes in virtual factories, on-the-fly collaboration.

Those sound like items that are also part of the global e-invoice adoption movement. So we think it is worth while to keep an eye on the deliverables of this project. You might want to read these quotes too:

Interfactory Communication has become increasingly important and has now moved beyond the traditional ERP information flows”, said Gash Bhullar, Director of UK Industry Association TANET (Technology Application Network). “For example, recently we have seen the consequences of supply-chain interruption ranging from natural disaster in Japan through to more local economic problems in European SMEs. I believe these can be addressed with ICT technology and Adventure is the project to help do this.

Dr. Stefan Göbel from the Multimedia Communications Lab at TU Darmstadt, says: “European industry must become more flexible and responsive, not only to local issues but issues around the globe as supply chains become more complex and more integrated. We believe Adventure can help achieve this.

The role of TIE as technology provider

TIE’s role is to support the information exchange and process flow elements of the project and for which it leads these tasks.

Jan Sundelin, CEO of TIE, says: “TIE once again continues to innovate and explore areas where our background and vision can help enterprise share and integrate their business data with others.  Usage of Service Architectures and Process Orchestration is at the heart of TIEs products such as the recently launched TIE Kinetix SmartBridge, these technologies will also be fundamental for achieving results in Adventure. Our customers will benefit from these innovations because we will focus on developing and delivering the latest technology and functionality so our customers can focus on growing their business.”

The other ADVENTURE partners

ADVENTURE commenced September 2011 and lasts for 36 months with a total budget of approximately € 3.7M. 10 partners are involved: Technology Providers (TIE, Ascora, iSOFT), Research Organizations (Technical University of Darmstadt, INESC PORTO, University of Vaasa, University of Vienna) and User Organizations (TANET, ABB and Azevedos Industria) and led by managing partner the University of Darmstadt.




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