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“The the way e-invoicing in Chili operates is the most successful among all countries sharing this model”

Check out Ricardo Pizarro, Head of Taxpayer Support and Assistance and IRS spokesperson on all electronic invoicing-related issues in Chile, to find out his take on the process. What’s your opinion.

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Tradeshift wins Circular Economy Digital Disruptor Award

As you all know, Tradeshift helps buyers and suppliers transform the way they connect, transact and collaborate. For that and for their role in promoting the circular economy as an alternative to the traditional linear economy, they won the Circular Economy Digital Disruptor Award.

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We welcome Tradeshift as the latest sponsor of the E-invoicing Platform

Tradeshift wants to fundamentally change the way business works. From the smallest independent contractor to the biggest corporations on earth, Tradeshift is working on connecting the dots to create a new cloud-based framework that supersedes everything that came before.

Everything Tradeshift does is centered around creating value over profit maximization, transparency and knowledge sharing, collaboration over command and control and last but not least: empowering the individual over micro-managed processes.

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ApexPeak buys Cashnomix to gain foothold in the Middle East

January 26th, 2015 by in Electronic Invoicing, Supply Chain Finance

Cashnomix has been in the spotlight after receiving several accolades in the Dubai region in late 2014. Cashnomix recently completed a prototype credit scoring algorithm for invoices, as well as growing a deal book in the UAE worth USD1.2 million.

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In 2014 over 130 companies connected with Anachron’s InvoicePortal

InvoicePortal makes it easier for companies to forge deeper, stronger business relationships. This helps them to save costs across their organization, reduce Day Sales Outstanding and improve their bottom lines.

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Palette and Canon team up to provide a world class purchase to pay suite

Aware of the increasing demand for Software as a Services in the market place, Canon will also market and sell the PaletteOnline cloud purchase-to-pay solution to European customers seeking to drive efficiency in their financial and back-office processes.

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Ariba among World’s Best SCF Provider for the 4th time in a row

Ariba was selected as best e-procurement solutions company by the Global Finance editorial team. The decision was based on Ariba’s market share and global coverage, product innovation, customer service, technology, execution skills and client-specific implementations.

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Taulia Collects another $15 Million in funding; $85 Million in 12 months

Taulia has collected an additional $15 million bringing its total capital raised to $85 million. This fundings comes only 4 months after its second funding worth $40 million. It illustrates the success of the Taulia formula and its team.

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Sweden investigates mandatory B2G e-invoicing in the near future

Which is weird. Why investigate something that in 2018 at the latest should be a fact? Still, the Swedish government decided to ask the Swedish Financial Management Authority (ESV) to analyse the consequences of such a requirement and its practical consequences

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Supreme court Austria agrees: opt-in for B2C e-billing, not opt-out.

January 21st, 2015 by in Electronic Invoicing, Europe, Legal

The supreme court of Austria agreed that customers’ legal right to choose their mode of billing was undermined when a provider unilaterally changed their method and forced clients actively to object.

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