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Invoiceware expands Latin America compliance to Ecuador and Uruguay

Ecuador and Uruguay now included on leading Latin America Business Network, enhancing compliance service offerings for companies operating throughout Central and South America

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Introducing Pagero: The global e-invoicing and e-ordering business network

We are delighted to again welcome an e-invoicing service provider with a global reach. This time we give the floor to Pagero. Pagero offers e-order and e-invoice services that help businesses to streamline operations throughout the entire order-to-pay process.

Their services are delivered in the cloud via their Pagero Online network, independent of ERP system, industry and transaction volume and business type. Over 12 000 customers in 40 countries benefit from their services. Through their roaming agreements, they reach over 500 000 companies and organisations worldwide.

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The vision of Basware’s CEO on the evolving e-invoicing arena

February 3rd, 2015 by in Electronic Invoicing, Europe

At the end of 2014, more than 78 million annual transactions were processed via Basware Commerce Network. In this video Esa Tihilä discusses how the e-invoicing market and industry will evolve in 2015 and beyond.

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NEW: PaletteArena 6.3, featuring Enhanced Spend Management and Payment Integration

The enhancements provide finance and procurement departments with a fully comprehensive solution that delivers greater control and management of all business revenue and expenditure, giving complete oversight of the entire P2P process.

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Up in the cloud with Tradeshift: a LinkedIN-style supply chain model

Christian Lanng explains the LinkedIN-style supply chain model that Tradeshift incorporates: “We really are a network like LinkedIn rather than the classical old school B2B or payment network. We provide a platform that provides data around all of the transaction.

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With UBL a global e-document standard is within reach [Opinion]

In this Tradeshift blog, Tim McGrath discusses how openness of trade data is inevitable and that with UBL we can realize the equivalent benefits for information exchange that containerization brought to freight exchange. What is your opinion?

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Beyond Compliance: Sun Chemical and Electronic Invoicing in Latin America

This case Study will focus on some of the issues surrounding mandated electronic invoicing in context of Latin America, drawing on the experience and insights provided by Sun Chemical.

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Drowning in invoices – AP Departments unable to cope

January 29th, 2015 by in Accounting, Invoice Automation

The 2014 AP Automation Study found that AP operations are dealing with increasing volumes of invoices. And that the use of OCR in AP departments is up from 23% to 38%. This signals improvements in revenue and a recovering economy. . But it isn’t all good news.

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Tradeshift partners with Recruit Holdings, solidifies Japanese market presence

According to Akihiko Okamoto, president of Recruit Strategic Partners, both Tradeshift and Recruit Holdings understand that the way businesses interact is changing. This partnership will help even more Japanese businesses recognize their goals.

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Anachron expands global presence; opens US Office

This should intensify its sales and marketing activity and revenues across the US market and beyond. And also forge deeper business relationships with its existing Fortune 500 clients and other customers in the US region.

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