45,000 active business partners on Invoiceware’s Latin America platform

December 18, 2012  |  Adoption, Electronic Invoicing, Latin America

You’ve got to love Invoiceware International’s Latin American e-invoicing network. It features multiple countries on a single platform, Brazil Nota Fiscal for Goods (NFe), Services (NFS-e) and Transportation Invoices (CTe), Mexico CFD and CFDI, Argentina AFIP and even more. Apparently we’re not the only fans of the Latin American platform, because Invoiceware announced significant growth of business partner participation in 2012. Today it has a growing base of over 45,000 trading partners actively exchanging compliant e-invoices.

Scott Lewin has the floor

Invoiceware International’s president and CEO Scott Lewin shares his view on the company’s success:

  • “By combining a regional Latin America e-Invoicing Network with our ERP Rapid Deployment Templates, our customers eliminate the project and IT frustrations they would otherwise face with these complex and constantly changing requirements.”
  • “Our commitment to multi-language enterprise class support, guaranteed government compliance, and native integration with ERP systems including SAP ERP are the reasons over 250 Fortune 2000 multi-nationals have chosen us as their solution provider for e-Invoicing in Brazil, Mexico and Argentina.”

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