42 major Mexican SAP e-invoicing customers upgraded tot CFDI version 3.2

Invoiceware International probably is the largest e-Invoicing Compliance Network in Latin America. It has just finalised the latest round of Mexico e-Invoicing upgrades with 42 major SAP customer.

Invoiceware International includes all upgrades to the legal requirements in the annual managed service, so end users don’t have to worry about the changes before the July 2012 compliance mandate changes.

This post is part of a series of items on electronic invoicing in the Americas, brought to you by InvoiceWare. Please visit the profile page of InvoiceWare for an overview.

Compliance mandates. The most underestimated part of any project

“Compliance mandates, such as those in Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina, are complex business processes that require process configurations to the internal ERP system. Unfortunately, this is the most underestimated part of any project. ” said Scott Lewin, CEO, Invoiceware International.

InvoiceWare Principles

InvoiceWare upgraded their 42 SAP customers based on the following principles:

  • Compliance: Satisfies all Latin American e-Invoicing mandates including: Brazil Nota Fiscal, Mexico SAT, and Argentina AFIP on a single on demand, cloud platform
  • Local Language Support: available 24×7 in multiple languages including Portuguese, Spanish, and English
  • Cloud Network and Ease of Deployment: SAP Rapid Deployment Templates for each country eliminate project risk and expensive ERP configurations now and in the future as the mandates change

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