News Update: week 8

February 28, 2011  |  Electronic Invoicing

RT @Danaike: @AndreCasterman interesting: RT @jensjakob: blog on UN/CEFACT #ISO20022 #UBL convergence (and not):
27-2-2011 22:51:02

RT @EDInomics: Ten business benefits to #einvoicing part 1
27-2-2011 22:46:31

@AP_Automation thanks for following. | #einvoicing
25-2-2011 09:54:31

RT @1800Recycling: When E-Billing Options Disappear
25-2-2011 09:48:44

#OFFTOPIC Ever imagined whether this kind of helpdesk for you Blackberry or Apple existed? #lol
24-2-2011 15:44:31

EEI Platform newsletter –
24-2-2011 11:39:58

Revision of the way Europe undertakes standardisation, EC calls for an adaptation of the EU Standardisation System…
24-2-2011 11:21:44

What has been done and what is to be done for Europe’s Small and Medium sized Enterprises? A few highlights:
24-2-2011 10:56:17

RT @SciQuest: Healthcare Purchasing News on AP automation and electronic invoicing: #procurement #hcsupplychain
24-2-2011 10:53:44

Heidelberg and Ricoh announce global strategic cooperation
24-2-2011 10:29:28

Revision of the European Standardisation System in favour of SME’s: #einvoicing #adoption
24-2-2011 10:06:39

The European Standardisation system will be revised in 2011 based on the EU “Small Business Act”: #einvoicing
24-2-2011 09:57:34

Discover teams with Fiserv for electronic bill pay:
24-2-2011 09:31:32

TNK-BP Selects Kofax’s Invoice Processing Solution:
24-2-2011 09:27:41

Anachron can ensure companies with electronic Invoicing to the Dutch government in the right way
23-2-2011 14:53:25

E-invoicing: European Market Overview
23-2-2011 13:47:11

Electronic Invoicing for Microsoft Dynamics NAV – Webinar by Zetadocs – 17-03 –
22-2-2011 21:46:36

RT @santicasas: #ISO20022 or #ebXML CCTS CIIv2? by @oriolbausa #eInvoicing
22-2-2011 21:39:57

RT @paymentsexpert: #Mobile Tickets & Coupons using #NFC: Talked to the Associated Press Friday. The article made the @NYTimes http://ny …
22-2-2011 11:09:28

Also “WHO’s hot and who’s not?” becomes clear in the E-invoicing Trend Map. Curious? Attend our Invoice Conference: 17-5-2011
22-2-2011 10:10:42

The E-invoicing Trend Map: “What’s hot and what’s not in #einvoicing and #ebilling?” Release date 17-5-2011 at the Invoice Conference
22-2-2011 10:07:55

Can’t open the link that leads to the public consultation? Try this:
22-2-2011 09:41:27

EC launches public consultation until 15-4 on #eSignatures and #eIdentification:
22-2-2011 09:38:16

RT @Finnopuntnl: Discover Card Pushes Paperless with $30k Sweeps after Login: Getting customers to go paperless …
21-2-2011 21:28:10

RT @jondwatson: FreshBooks takes the cake, for online invoicing
21-2-2011 21:22:18

RT @Kaiberie: FreshBooks takes the cake, for online invoicing (I’ve been with them two years!)
21-2-2011 21:21:42

InExchange e-invoicing made simple. Would benice if the site was in English though – Start v
21-2-2011 21:19:03

Nice #EInvoicing / #EBilling International Market Overview & Forecast by @BillentisKoch
21-2-2011 21:15:48

RT @AnachronEIPP: #Anachron’s collaboration with #Athlon Car Lease and #Logius results into succesfull #einvoicing :
21-2-2011 21:13:14

RT @pymnts New @DataImpact CEO Assess Innovation in e-Invoicing
21-2-2011 21:12:50

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