Use Tradeshift Apps to build the e-invoicing set-up that suits you

March 4, 2013  |  Digitalisation, Electronic Invoicing, Financial software  |  Comments Off

Very smart, Tradeshift, not to ignore the immense popularity of apps. Apps add whole new features, connect your account to other systems like accounting and let you create a setup that works for you — not just what Tradeshift decides to ship. These apps are a good starting point.

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Global Finance’s e-invoicing Oscar goes to Basware!

February 26, 2013  |  Electronic Invoicing, Financial software, North America  |  Comments Off

Did you get the chance to pick up a glance of the spectacle that is called the Oscars? No? Well, neither did we. The field of e-invoicing isn’t averse to handing out an award here and there either. Basware announced that it has been named the best provider of Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment Services by Global Finance magazine.

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PaletteExpense added to Palette’s colourful palette

February 12, 2013  |  Digitalisation, Financial software, Payment  |  Comments Off

Palette is a smart name for a company that brings a whole range, or should we say palette, of purchase-to-payment solutions. PaletteArena includes PaletteInvoice, PaletteBuyer, PaletteContract and a new colour has been added recently: PaletteExpense. PaletteExpense helps to automate processing of employee expenses.

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CFOs, CIOs and IT Directors: What will it take to get you talking?

January 21, 2013  |  Electronic Invoicing, Financial software  |  Comments Off

Business leadership increasingly requires support from IT if they are to meet their strategic objectives. As these responsibilities collide, how can CFOs work with CIOs and IT to ensure that Finance has the right electronic invoicing system in place for the benefit of the entire business?

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550,000 businesses walk on air with GXS Trading Grid

January 8, 2013  |  Digitalisation, Financial software, Invoice Automation  |  Comments Off

GXS, the provider of B2B integration services recently announced that GXS Trading Grid serves 550,000 businesses. Trading Grid enables users to avoid many of the complications of the traditional licensed software model, like having to install complex software or paying capital expenditures upfront.

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Successful first e-invoicing year for Tanita with Anachron’s InvoicePortal

December 19, 2012  |  Digitalisation, Electronic Invoicing, Financial software  |  Comments Off

InvoicePortal may be just a youngster (launched in 2011), this SaaS solution is truly living up to its expectations. Tanita, manufacturer of healthcare products, has completely reached its goals for paperless and more efficient document processes only one year after using the InvoicePortal to distribute electronic invoices worldwide.

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SAP expert Verbella CMG partners with Tradeshift

December 4, 2012  |  Electronic Invoicing, Financial software  |  Comments Off

Tradeshift has announced a partnership with Verbella CMG, an SAP content management consultancy with nearly a decade’s experience. Working together will mean Verbella can offer companies a cloud-based platform that bridges the gap between those huge reservoirs of content and the businesses they interact with.

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OB10 and Infosys BPO get strategic with partnership

November 28, 2012  |  Electronic Invoicing, Financial software, Invoice Automation  |  Comments Off

OB10 and Infosys BPO, the business process outsourcing subsidiary of Infosys Limited, have announced a strategic partnership. And what is it that makes this partnership a strategic one, you might wonder. Well, OB10’s invoice-automation services enables Infosys BPO to extend the next wave of business benefits to its global clients.

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Fundtech enters Asian-Pacific market with BCSIS teaming agreement

November 8, 2012  |  Asia, Financial software, Payment  |  Comments Off

Smart move, Fundtech, to team up with BCS Information Systems. BCSIS is a Singapore-based financial solution provider and the company will promote, implement and be a centre of excellence for Fundtech’s Global PAYplus in Asia-Pacific under the agreement.

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Datacert’s Passport GRC makes short work of inefficiencies

October 31, 2012  |  Financial software, Invoice Automation, Legal  |  Comments Off

Datacert has very recently announced the launch of Passport GRC. It’s a comprehensive framework to support sustainable, proactive, and defensible management of company’s broad governance, risk, and compliance programs.

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