During the first half of 2016, more than 3 million electronic invoices were issued. This was announced by chairman of the State Revenue Committee of RK MF Daulet Ergozhin at a meeting in the Senate of Kazakhstan on issues of tax and customs administration.

In 2004, the information system was first launched on the basis of electronic invoicing. According to Daulet Ergozhin:

  • 116 thousand electronic invoices were issued in 2014,
  • in 2015 800 thousand were processed
  • for the first half of 2016 – more than 3 million e-invoices have passed through the State Revenue Committee servers.

As of June 1 2016, about 47 000 users were registered in the e-invoicing information system of  which 10.000 private entrepreneurs, 16 thousand legal persons, and 20 thousand individuals. Ergozhin said that now every step will have its information system, which will be combined into a single tracking system.

Mandatory e-invoicing for high-risk traders

Meanwhile Kazakhstan is seeking to compel/force more high-risk traders to adopt electronic invoices. The proposal is to include commodity traders from the start of 2017. Many traders involved with imports/exports and warehouse operating are already required to offer e-invoices. It is expected that all VAT registered businesses will have to offer e-invoices by 2018.

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