Electronic invoicing. Work smarter, not harder

October 20, 2014  |  Adoption, Electronic Invoicing  |  Comments Off

Have you ever heard the expression work smart, not hard? That is the approach InvoiceSharing takes towards e-invoicing. And they fitted it into this neat little video on Youtube. Invoicesharing specifically exists to help make online sending, online receiving and sharing of invoices between countries and companies of any type smoother, easier and smarter and free. For anyone.

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[UPDATE] Bolivia implements mandatory e-invoicing as from November 2014

October 17, 2014  |  Adoption, Compliance, Electronic Invoicing, Latin America  |  Comments Off

The Bolivian system mandates the use of e-invoicing, incorporates security measures to prevent forgery (using a QR code) and modifies the format of fiscal notes and auxiliary records. As it came clear to the Bolivian that most of the affected taxpayers were not ready for the new regulations, the new Resolution allows taxpayers until November 2014 to adjust their systems.

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4 reasons why e-invoicing mandates are good for businesses too!

October 16, 2014  |  Adoption, Compliance, Electronic Invoicing  |  Comments Off

When it comes to having a favorable business environment, few would associate more regulations as being the answer. However Scott Lewin (President & CEO) and Steve Sprague (VP Product Strategy) of Invoiceware International beg to differ. From their perspective and experience e-invoicing mandates are actually a great development that businesses will soon learn to appreciate for at least four reasons.

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Why not use BASDA eBis-XML or GS1 standards in Europe?

October 10, 2014  |  Adoption, Europe, Standards  |  Comments Off

In this column Bill Pugsley asks why a new European “standard” for e-invoicing is needed. This may take years to develop. Whereas the existing BASDA eBis-XML messaging standards have been around since the late 1990s? And the GS1 (Global Standard One) system of standards have been working successfully since the late 1970’s.

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Macedonia allows for e-invoicing in 2015. Not compliant with EU Directive

September 30, 2014  |  Adoption, Compliance, Electronic Invoicing, Europe  |  Comments Off

Macedonian VAT laws have undergone a number of revisions in 2014. Published in the Official Gazette no. 130/2014 and effective as of 11 September 2014, the new Law on VAT makes VAT registration mandatory for companies with a turnover starting from USD 20,000. Also the new laws allows for e-invoicing as from March 2015. Albeit not in compliance with EU provisions on electronic invoicing.

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First Spanish Provincial Authority to be fully adapted to Facturae

September 29, 2014  |  Adoption, Compliance, Electronic Invoicing, Europe, Government  |  Comments Off

It is estimated that with Facturae they would have saved roughly 40,000 Euro. For this reason, the provincial agency is promoting several information sessions for businesses and local authorities, to help promote electronic invoicing, even before the compulsory start-up scheduled for January 15, 2015.

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Short: Siemens selects Tungsten to process over 7 million invoices

September 29, 2014  |  Adoption, Electronic Invoicing, Invoice Automation  |  Comments Off

Tungsten stated to have been selected by German engineering conglomerate Siemens AG to bring e-Invoicing to its business and suppliers around the world. According to Tungsten, Siemens receives and processes more than 7 million invoices annually from its supplier base. To put things in perspective: Tungsten Network processed 13.4 million transactions last year.

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Medius biggest and fastest growing provider in Sweden, according to report

September 26, 2014  |  Adoption, Electronic Invoicing  |  Comments Off

Ever since 2004 Inspectum has performed measurements of electronic invoicing adoption in the Swedish market.The 2013 report shows that Medius is both the largest e-invoicing provider in Sweden, with a market share of 15.2%, and is also the fastest growing operator in Sweden.

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Leading pharmaceutical and healthcare companies choose Tungsten for e-invoicing

September 25, 2014  |  Adoption, Electronic Invoicing  |  Comments Off

The latest organisations to have selected Tungsten Network include Fresenius Medical Care and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Seven of the twelve largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, ranked by revenue, now transact with their suppliers through Tungsten Network.

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Palette won 250 new customers this year already, growing with more than 15%!

September 24, 2014  |  Adoption, E-procurement, Invoice Automation  |  Comments Off

Purchase-to-pay specialist Palette has expanded its customer base by over 10% during the first half of the year and has also seen growth from existing customers, ahead of the launch of the latest version of its PaletteArena suite later in the year.

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