2 Major North American Newspapers Embrace E-Invoicing with PaletteArena

August 26, 2014  |  Invoice Automation, North America

Two of North America’s largest daily newspapers have deployed web-based electronic invoicing from PaletteInvoice, distributed by EchoVera. Both newspapers are using the technology to process, approve and schedule the 65,000 supplier invoices they receive annually.

The newspapers use optical character recognition (OCR) to scan paper invoices, and intelligent layered PDF processing to import emailed invoices. Invoices are are then matched, coded and approved. The process can take less than 3 minutes for each.

Additional benefits of electronic invoicing to both organizations include:
• reduces each organization’s carbon footprint
• curtails manual error
• provides savings on the cost of processing, sometimes by over 50%

PaletteArena is recommended by 96% of the customers using it, with 90% saying it is a worthwhile investment. It gives customers complete visibility and control of the P2P process by linking purchases, invoices and contracts.


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