25 Electronic Invoicing Providers sign Charter to ensure Free Interoperability, Roaming [updated]

E invoicing interoperability charter 150x150 25 Electronic Invoicing Providers sign Charter to ensure Free Interoperability, Roaming [updated]25 companies specialized in the electronic invoicing operations gathered around GS1 France have officially signed the E-invoicing Interoperability Charter. This charter aims to reaffirm the free exchange of electronic invoices, especially when the electronic bill passes through two different operators.

The development of the E-invoicing Interoperability Charter began almost a year, as part of a working group composed of users GS1 France. It is the result of the will of GS1 member companies, publishers and operators of electronic invoicing solutions, to support the fast adoption of e-invoicing while adhering to legal electronic invoicing requirements.

We believe that interoperability between enterprise systems is needed to create an efficient and effective supply chain , quality and safe condition,” says Pierre Georget , CEO of GS1 France .

Interoperability is one of the founding bases of GS1 standards : it must allow each user the free choice of its solution by guaranteeing that it will be compatible with the chosen by its trading partners.

E-invoicing Interoperability Charter

the E-invoicing Interoperability Charter focusses on 4 elements:

  1. The format of the einvoice,
  2. The technical means of transmission and traceability
  3. The compliance
  4. And finally: free routing

The objective is to give users , transmitters and receivers of invoices, the free choice of their solution providers, but also to create the conditions for access to the electronic invoice without cost.

Service providers that have undersigned the E-invoicing Interoperability Charter until now: @GP, Accelya, Agena 3000, DPII, Edicom, Edicot, EDT, EuroEDI, Generix, Gexedi, GMI Connectivity, ICDSC, Infologic, Orange Business Services, Prologue, Qweeby, Seeburger, Seres, Tenor, Tie France, TX2 Concept, Arteva, EDI Eyes, Tesi, Numlog.

The signing ceremony in the presence of the bidders and user community is a first step. Eventually, all providers of electronic invoicing solutions (35 in total ) could join the E-invoicing Interoperability Charter.

Download the E-invoicing Interoperability Charter here.

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